How does it work?

Here are the Steps By Steps of what it looks like when ordering a Generator from Generator Tech Ottawa Inc. Proudly Selling KOHLER #1 Generator for Consumers


Step 1 - Purchase/Estimation

Step 1 : Starting the journey by receiving a personal estimate from one of our Sales Agent at Generator Tech Ottawa, These estimates last 30days.

During the estimate the Sale agent will do a quick quote on by phone and if you are more interested into the quote the sale agent will then book a visit with you at your house to plan the install and were the generator will be placed, measure aprox.. for electrical wire and gas line for a more accurate estimate.

Step 2 - Delivery Day!

Step 2: Once step 1 is completed and the estimate was accepted/approved. The delivery will then be scheduled and a date for the drop off of the generator will then be chosen and given to you, to expect the delivery team to show up and place the generator at your house.

Delivery Procedures: The Delivery team will arrive at the location with all tools and the generator > The Delivery Crew will then add the gravel stone and level it up and then place a concrete pad over the crushed stone > Place the Generator on the concrete pad and secure the Generator down.

Step 3 - Gas Installation

Step 3: Gas Installation Day happens a few days after the delivery day, Gas Work will then be scheduled and a proper date will be selected to meet your time and availability,

Gas Installation: The gas installation will be done as well connecting the generator to the Embridge Natural Gas or connecting to Propane, as these Generators are made to run on Natural Gas or Propane. This job will be done by a certified gas worker to make sure the job is done properly to specifications and that there's no gas leak detected!

Step 4 - Installation Day!

Step 4: Installation Day happens a few days after the gas installation day, the Electrical work will then be scheduled and a proper date will be selected to meet your time and availability,

Electrical Installation: The electrician will do all the main installation of the main power and electrical work with the Hydro being disconnected for the safety of the electrician. Giving him the ability to install the new Automatic Transfer Switch, linking the Hydro connection to the Transfer Switch, and then connecting the ATS to the house breaker box.

The next step after the Electrical work has been done and fully installed the job then gets pushed to the next step which will be Step 5 - Startup & Commission.

Step 5 - Startup & Commission

Step 5: The startup and commission of your brand new KOHLER Generator, will be scheduled after Step 3 has been fully completed, On this step, the office will schedule a day with you when you can be home and ready to expect the Startup crew to arrive at your house to complete the final step and getting the generator up and running.

During this step the Technician will then arrive at your house and will install the following: Installing a carburetor heater for the generator, a battery heater on the battery to keep it warm during the winter season, a battery, installing the network connecting the generator to the modem once all the main installation is done, The technician will then show you how the application OnCue Plus works and get you all set up and get the Startup Notification paperwork signed and finalize the installation, the last step to be done is to do a power transfer test, the technician will show you how it all works how the generator powers up the house by simulating a storm power lost by cutting your hydro out to let the generator power up the house!

this would be the last step and it's all done, now you can Enjoy your new Generator and have zero worries during power failure and still have power and lights on during the storm!

Step 6 - Enjoy your new KOHLER Generator

Now that all the step are completed you can rest assure that your lights and power will remain on during power lost and be worry free, and also knowing the Generator Tech Ottawa is always available 24/7 and ready to answer your call if you are having issues with your generator, we will be there to help and get you back online.